Andréa M. Hodge

Ph.D. Candidate

I am a fifth-year doctoral candidate in the Management Department at Florida State University. My dissertation explores how entrepreneurs navigate legitimacy trade-offs in pursuing social movement market opportunities, and the impact of entrepreneur attributes on their strategic meaning-making activities.

More broadly, I study the power of perceptions in entrepreneurial and organizational contexts with a particular interest in the influence of inequality regimes (e.g., gender, race, and class). As such, I often examine how innovative activities and actors are perceived and the impact of these perceptions. I frequently utilize computer-aided text analysis and machine-learning methods to examine the development and transformation of attitudes, perceptions, and schemas in large qualitative datasets. My research joins conversations in the areas of cultural entrepreneurship, behavioral strategy, social inequality, and institutional entrepreneurship.

I am a proud HBCU alumni of Xavier University of Louisiana. I have bachelor's degree in Education and a master's degree in Urban Studies. Before returning to academia I worked predominantly in the nonprofit sector building thriving communities. When I’m not on the job, I enjoy cooking new vegan dishes, hiking, and watching sci-fi movies with my husband.

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Smith, M., Wu, I.-H., Holmes, R. M., & Hodge, A. M. (in press). An integrative conceptual review of multiperspective frameworks in personality research and a roadmap for extended applications in organizational psychology. Journal of Applied Psychology. doi: 10.1037/apl0001195

Conference Proceedings

Hodge, A. M. (in press). Symbolic strategies for social change: How entrepreneurs challenge inequality through meaning-making. Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research.

See CV for works in progress.

Select Conference Presentations

Gilbert, B. A., Hodge, A. M. (2024, August). Innovation in Small Emerging Economies: Population Resistance and Strategies for Overcoming. In Dykes, B. J. & Uzuegbunam, I. S.-P (Chairs), Strategies and Innovations in Africa’s Organizations. Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, IL.

Hodge, A. M. (2024, June). Symbolic Strategies for Social Change: How Entrepreneurs Challenge Inequality Through Meaning-Making. Babson College of Entrepreneurship Research Conference, Munich, DE

Hodge, A. M., Lewis, A., Mercado, M. & Bruton, G. (2024, June). The Habitus of Disadvantage in Entrepreneurship: An Integrated Review. Diana International Research Conference, Stockholm, SE. ✢ Winner of the Best Conceptual Paper Award

Gilbert, B. A., Hodge, A. M. (2024, January). Overcoming Resistance to Innovation in Small Economies: A Regional Focus on Innovators in Praia, Cabo Verde. Africa Academy of Management Conference, Cape Town, SA.

Gilbert, B. A., Hodge, A. M., Merchant, S. (2023, September). Co-evolution of Radical Technologies: Media Representations of Fuel Cell Technology and Implications for Industry Emergence. Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, Toronto, CA.

Horton, K. G., Hodge, A. M., De La Haye, D. C., & Paik, S. W. (2022, October). Compleme-tition: Multi-Lateral Competition and Ecosystem Strategy. Southern Management Association Annual Conference.

Hodge, A. M. & Holmes, R. M. (2022, September). Spinning the Pitch: Negative Framing, Environmental/Social Goals and Entrepreneur Attributes in Crowdfunding. Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, London, UK.

Hodge, A. M. (2021, September). Exploring the Influence of Institutions on Business Diversification. Strategic Management Society Annual Conference, Virtual/Toronto, CA. ✢ Nominated for Best Doctoral Research Methods


Instructor of Record

Semesters Course Title Format Enrollment Student Rating
Spring 2024 Strategic Management & Business Policy In-person 36 4.44/5
Spring 2023 Competitive Dynamics (Business Simulation) Hybrid 35 4.06/5

Teaching Assistant

Semesters Course Title Format Enrollment Student Rating
Fall 2024 Innovation Management (TA) In-person 30 -
2020-2024 Strategic Management & Business Policy (TA) Online 400+ -


Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division

  • 2024: Conference Submission Reviewer

Strategic Management Society

  • 2024: Teaching Community At-Large Representative
  • 2024: Conference Submission Reviewer

Southern Management Association

  • 2024: Conference Session Facilitator
  • 2024: Conference Submission Reviewer

PhD Project Management Doctoral Student Association

  • 2023 – 2024: Planning Committee Member
  • 2022 – 2023: Executive Committee Secretary
  • 2021 – 2024: Sessions, Service, and Membership Committee Member

United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship

  • 2023: Conference Session Facilitator

Academy of Management Review

  • 2022: Bridge Reviewer

Florida State University College of Business

  • 2021 – 2023: Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee Member

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